Our Principles Women

We focus on what matters.That is what sets Karvat Cover-More apart.

This is a business with a culture of expert care and expert knowledge. Our principles inform what we say and what we do.

Our principles are the beliefs that we hold dear. They are:

  • We believe in: EXCELLENCE

    Best practice at low cost, efficient, continuous improvement, specialist knowledge, innovation, being as good as we can be at what we are good at, leading by example, relevant. Focussing on what matters.

  • We believe in: COMPASSION

    Care, empathy, respect, consideration, action with beneficial outcomes.

  • We believe in: INTEGRITY

    Fairness, diligence, transparency, honesty, ethical behaviour.

  • We believe in: COMMITMENT

    People-focussed, customer-focussed, loyal, providing true customer value, prioritising collaboration and teamwork, following through on promises.

  • We believe in: INDEPENDENCE

    Autonomy, self-confidence, unconstrained, in charge of our own destiny, flexibility, nimbleness.